You can now get paid $42,000 to look after two golden retrievers and live in a London townhouse

You can now get paid $42,000 to look after two golden retrievers and live in a London townhouse

For a lot of people out there, being a dog sitter would be the perfect career. Just think about how good it would be to spend all day looking after some lovely, fluffy pooches. It sounds pretty ideal to me!

The only problem is that being a dog sitter doesn't usually pay very well, and there aren't many perks or benefits that come with it ... until now. That's right, a job posting has gone viral on social media this week, after a rich couple from London advertised for a dog-sitter who would be paid a large salary to look after their two pups.

Meet the couple who have built a gigantic bed for themselves and their seven dogs: 

The job was originally posted on Silver Swan Recruitment, and explains that the homeowners are two businesspeople who spend a lot of time abroad, and that they need someone to look after their Knightsbridge townhouse and ensure that their two golden retrievers are well-fed, walked, groomed, and otherwise cared for.

The successful applicant for the position can expect to be paid a salary of £32,000 a year, and have the chance t stay in the six-story townhouse rent-free (which is a pretty massive boon for somewhere as expensive as London!)

The job listing states: "A busy couple are looking for a live-in housekeeper at their six-storey townhouse in Knightsbridge. They are both international business people who travel frequently and have two dogs. This is an informal property and they need someone to keep on top of the house while they come and go and to have sole responsibility of the dogs in their absence."

An image of a dog. Credit: Pexels

Other relevant duties include daily housekeeping, light cooking, food shopping, running errands and general management of the property, and previous housekeeping experience is a must. So if you think you'd be a perfect fit, then why not send in your application? You could have a dream job by the end of the month!