You can now get tattoo sleeves for cats to make them look totally badass

You can now get tattoo sleeves for cats to make them look totally badass

It's often said that over time pets end up subtly resembling their owners in looks and in character. For example, a beardy man with a crop of shaggy hair might find that his dog becomes just as hairy and matted as he is. A rotund person might find that their pet puts on a few extra pounds, while someone skinny might end up with an equally-emaciated cat.

But now it seems that people with body art can give their pets tattoos too, to make them look even more similar.

Obviously, it would be a bit cruel to use a needle to give your furry (or hairless) friend a regular inking. But you can circumvent the issue by purchasing these incredible bespoke tattoo sleeves online, which look pretty much identical to the real thing.

An image of a Persian cat. Credit: Etsy/SimplySphynx

Artist and designer Airie McCready, who comes from California, has been creating stylish garments for house pets that make them look like they have tattoo sleeves.

The jumpers she makes for her hairless Persians have Chinese and Japanese inspired butterfly designs in the same skin colour as the cats to make them look as though they've been inked.

Commenting on her quirky products in a recent interview with the Metro, Aerie stated: "I have many sleeves for my own six cats, three Sphynxes and three Devon Rexes. The idea came to me when a friend showed me a silly fake tattoo sleeve and teased me how I did not have to get ink, I could have gotten one of these. I grabbed it from him and thought 'if only I knew how to sew.'"

She added: "It took a long time, but I figured out how to do it, it’s really delicate fabric.’ Aerie explained that she found a seller that offers prints with non-toxic ink and uses a material that is safe for the kitties too. Everything in my shop is made by myself or a contracted seamstress and I oversee each item.

"Two years ago at the Westminster Kennel Club, they had a 'meet the cats' event and even had the cats do an agility course. Misha, a Sphynx, wearing one of my Tattcat shirts won!"

So if you'd like to bag yourself one of these ingenious garments, then do yourself a favour and check out Airie's Etsy shop, or visit her official Instagram account for further updates.