A rescued former fighting dog had the most adorable reaction to a slice of pepperoni pizza

A rescued former fighting dog had the most adorable reaction to a slice of pepperoni pizza

Although we all have our opinions on mushrooms, anchovies and other kinds of food, one thing we can all agree on is that pizza is awesome. Don't even argue with me on this. If you come across somebody who says they don't like pizza in any of its toppings and guises, feel free to pull on their skin, because that person is an alien and they should be exposed.

But for some of us, pizza has more of an emotional connection than it would for others, and I think that's pretty awesome. Whether the first date with your current significant other was over a couple of slices, or you spent a ton of time with your college buddies sharing a Domino's or something, I'm here for your pizza love.

Which is why I have a lot of time for this little dog, whose reaction to a slice of pizza is pretty much the way I would love to respond to a slice of pepperoni or margherita, if society didn't frown on me for doing so. Good job, society. Now I can never be this happy.

Meet Finn the dog, who's generating quite a following on the Facebook page The Mighty Finn. He's a very clever boy, and not just because he's managed to write out a pretty decent bio: "I am a #367 survivor. I was rescued during a cruelty investigation. But that is all behind me now. Life is good!"

Now that I think about it, maybe Finn's human was the one who wrote this bio. Would explain a lot.

Anyway, this precious pitbull is something known as a '367 dog', meaning he's one of 367 dogs to be rescued from a dog fighting ring on this day, five years ago - day one of what turned out to be the second-biggest multi-state dog fighting bust of all time. As Finn's biography says: "I grew up on a chain in a yard with lots of other dogs."

"Then, some nice folks from the ASPCA came and rescued me from the neglected situation I was living in. They took good care of me, and when they were able to, they released me to a rescue group called Plenty of Pit Bulls. The lovely people of POPB took me in and put me in a foster home."

Now, for the completely illegal (not to mention abhorrent) practice that is dog fighting, these fighting trainers often force otherwise loving and affectionate dogs into becoming aggressive brawlers by starving them for days on end. Finn may have suffered a similar fate, which would go some way toward explaining his reaction to having a slice of pizza dangled in front of his face.

Whoa, look at him go! In a move that's since been dubbed the "pizza zoomies", Finn grabs the pizza, and zooms around the room in pizza-induced elation. Truly amazing, right? Although at times Finn's had a tough life, hopefully that's all behind him now, and now he's found a new and loving home, let's hope he can continue to enjoy pizza for the rest of his days. Wouldn't that be lovely?