Adorable four-year-old girl sings lullaby to her cat

Adorable four-year-old girl sings lullaby to her cat

Cats get a bad rap most of the time. Dogs are often thought of as the more loyal, cute and friendly of house pets, while cats are the independent, free-thinking rebels who strut the streets, kill birds, fight each other, and expect you to worship them at a drop of a hat.

However, that's not true of all cats (even if it does describe the cat I had growing up). There are plenty of cats out there that are as lovable, caring, and goofy as your average dog. They may not run around chasing their tail like a labrador, but they have plenty of love to share as long as they're brought up in a loving environment.

Take, Bailey for example. This cat is thirteen years old and, as his Instagram bio describes, he has "quite the personality". Just look at this little fella:

Bailey is a hit with everyone in his family, especially the kids.

Honestly, this kitty might have the best Instagram I've seen in a long time.

Four-year-old Abby has taken a special interest in looking after Bailey, even reading to him on occasion.

Recently, Abby's mother Erin caught a beautiful moment between the two, and decided to share it with the world. Abby, holding Bailey, sung a beautiful lullaby to her cat, and it seemed to work a treat.

"In case you need a little sunshine in your life today," wrote Merryn in her Facebook post.

I don't know about you, but it definitely did the trick for me.