Dog adopts orphaned monkey after its mother was poisoned

Dog adopts orphaned monkey after its mother was poisoned

As the age-old saying goes, dogs are a human's best friend. There's an undeniable bond we share with the four-legged creatures. But it turns out that dogs aren't just capable of sharing a special bond with people - but with other species too.

Ever heard of a dog who dotes on a young, defenseless orphan monkey? Well, get this, a man recently shared heartwarming footage of a baby monkey playing around with its 'adoptive mother', a pregnant dog.

Per the Daily Mail, the young monkey's mother and its other relatives sadly died after being poisoned by locals for reportedly destroying their crops. The creature is now being doted on by a heavily pregnant canine.

The adorable scenes were captured by Prakash Badal 48, at a village near Himachal Pradesh in India.

Check out the sweet footage below (and try not to cry):

The footage shows the dog lying down and relaxing in the sun while the little monkey, full of energy, plays with its adoptive mother. The affection and bond that the pair share is evident from the short clip.

Credit: Caters Clips screenshot

The monkey, who is thought to have been just 10 days old when locals poisoned members of its family, was able to survive due to the pooch taking it under her wing.

Per the Daily Mail, Badal believes that this interspecies relationship between a young monkey and a maternal dog should serve as an inspiration to us as people that differences do not necessarily have to divide us.

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