Man gets his 17 sausage dogs to wear festive jumpers and pose for the perfect Christmas photo

Man gets his 17 sausage dogs to wear festive jumpers and pose for the perfect Christmas photo

Nine-times-out-of-ten, family Christmas cards can honestly be so cringing that I throw up in my mouth a little bit. However, one man by the name of Liam Beach has managed to assemble his "family" in order to create the greatest holiday picture ever.

Now, any dog owners out there will understand the difficulty of trying to get one dog to sit and post for a photo - but Liam managed to pull it off with his SEVENTEEN dachshunds!

But these aren't the only dogs to win the hearts of the internet this year. Meet Narwhal, the adorable 'unicorn' puppy with a tail growing out of his head:

In fact, some of you you may remember 16 of the dogs from earlier this year. Back in July, pictures of Liam's sausage dogs were shared across social media after he successfully got them to line up and pose for pictures on the sofa and up his stairs.

In a Facebook post, Liam states he was challenged by his friend to get all his dogs arranged for a picture, and if he could, he would win a box of chocolates. Amazingly, he says it only took him 10 minutes to get the pooches lined up on the stairs.

Now, Liam and his pack have gotten into the festive spirit - and there's even a seventeenth dachshund to make Christmas even merrier.

Recreating the pictures from July, Liam once again managed to successfully line up Buster, Daisy, Ziggy, Wallie, Zac, Bonnie, Saffie, Duke, Diamond, Ruby, Kizzy, Sammy, Kansy, Kiki, Lottie, Benji, and Dudley for a festive snap that has once again gone viral.

Beach captioned the post: "That's the dogs Christmas pic done. Merry Christmas to all from me and the famous 16 plus 1 new addition".

This family built a HUGE bed to accommodate their 13 adorable dogs:

In a group pic that puts Ellen's Oscars selfie to shame, the dogs can all be seen wearing festive outfits - complete with Santas, elves, and even a reindeer.

Liam did say that because the dogs all thought they had been dressed up to go for a walk, this time it took an hour and a whole bag of treats to get them settled.

Liam's family of sausage dogs first started when his sister, Laura, saw a local ad for dachshund puppies. First came Sammy, followed by Kizzy (so Sammy had a friend). Not long after the first two, Liam added Bonnie and Ziggy to the pack. Then everything snowballed when the family started their pedigree pups.

I don't know about you, but these pics are going to keep me smiling all through Christmas!