Sausage dog and seal become best friends after meeting on vacation

Sausage dog and seal become best friends after meeting on vacation

Some of you reading this will have had that experience of going on vacation with your parents when you were younger, and meeting somebody you're age that you instantly became friends with. Whether it was a skiing trip, Disney vacation, or beach getaway - having somebody there you instantly bonded with just made the whole vacation even better, and sometimes they would become friends for life.

Hell, even at the age of 28, my wife and I met some amazing people on our last vacation who we still stay in touch with on social media.

But no matter how close you may have become with a random stranger, no friendship out there will ever top these absolutely adorable vacation buddies.

Meet Aayla the rescue seal and Stanley the two-year-old-dachshund - who met at the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, England, while Stanley's owner, Melanie Talbot, was vacationing there.

Another dog that has recently won the hearts of everyone on the internet is 'Subway Sally', who visits her local Subway every night for a meal:

Despite being from different places, living in completely different environments, and the fact they're totally different species, these two apparently had an instant connection, the Metro reports.

Upon meeting, a curious Aayla swam right up to the window of her tank and pressed her nose to Stanley's through the window. The pair then spent 20 minutes hanging out and posing for pictures.

Sharing pictures of the two to their official Facebook page, the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary would honor Stanley as their 'Dog of the Week', writing:

"DOG OF THE WEEK. We’ve decided as we get so many incredible dogs visiting us, we wanted to share our favourite each week (trust us, it is hard to pick!) This [week's] winner is Stanley, who shared a magical moment with Aayla."

In the photo above, it even looks as if Aayla is mimicking Stanley's tilted head pose!

Melanie, 47, thinks that because Stanley was wearing his fleece jacket and a snood, Aayla could have mistaken him for a tiny seal pup. Although, judging from the MANY pictures shared in the comments section, dogs are apparently very popular with the residents of the sanctuary.

The Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary is a charity that rescues and rehabilitates more than 70 grey seal pups from around the Cornish coastline every season.