Squirrel rescued from Hurricane Issac can't doze off without her teddy bear

Squirrel rescued from Hurricane Issac can't doze off without her teddy bear

Assuming you're an avid social media user, you may have come across a certain adorable squirrel who cannot bear to sleep without her mini cuddly bear.

Well, said adorable squirrel has taken Instagram by storm, where she has so far amassed a following of 661,000.

Take a look at the lovable squirrel in action:

Jill the squirrel, as she is known, was rescued from Hurricane Isaac back in 2012. And according to her Instagram bio, the now seven-year-old is a "vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum. But, she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets".

Here is a little taste of what to expect from our favourite squirrel:

Needless to say, when the people of the internet heard Jill's story, they flocked to social media to share their adoration for the little squirrel.

"Omg what a cutie she is," one person wrote. "I adore squirrels but this is the best bless her."

"That is both soo sad and adorable at the same time," wrote another.

Other social media users went into detail about their own 'adopted' squirrel stories:

"I rescued this sweet girl right before a bad flood," one person wrote. "My dog found her on the ground. her eyes weren’t even open yet. I bottle fed her until it was time to turn her loose. Now she lives in a tree in my moms back yard and gets fed and played with every morning and evening."

"I am so happy for little Jill," added another. "I have just looked at all the pics, and she is a darling. Obviously happy with her human family and I am so pleased for her the little poppet, and those kind and caring people. Many years ago a squirrel was feeding in our garden and we supplied all the aahhs and oh's. But shortly afterwards we were leaving the estate in the car and there was a dead squirrel on the road. We could only think the worst. SO SO SAD."

You can follow Jill the squirrel's Instagram here.