Woman reunited with her missing dog three years later after seeing him on a beer can

Woman reunited with her missing dog three years later after seeing him on a beer can

There's no doubt that losing a pet can be a traumatic experience. Sometimes a dog, cat, or smaller animal will escape its home and become lost; prompting a frantic search from their owners.

Indeed, some of these lost pets aren't always found even after several months of looking, after which the broken-hearted pet owner will probably be forced to admit that their furry friend isn't coming back.

Take a look at this video all about the touching reunion: 

But sometimes miracles do happen, and this week social media users have been touched by the story of a woman who managed to reunite with her dog, three years after she went missing, in the most unlikely possible way.

Per CNN, back in May of 2017, a seven-year-old female pit bull mix named Hazel ran way from her home in Iowa, which prompted her owner Monica Mathis, to launch a search to find her. Sadly, she was unable to locate her missing pet ... until now.

It turned out that Hazel had somehow travelled more than 1,300 miles south to Bradenton, a town in Manatee County in Florida. She eventually was found and cared for by workers at the Manatee County Animal Services, who christened her 'Day Day.'

Although the dog was chipped, shelter employees were unable to trace Mathis, who had since moved to Minnesota. But thanks to a clever marketing scheme from a local brewery, she was able to reunite with Hazel last week.

Manatee County Animal Services had partnered up with the Motorworks Brewing company, who have been stamping pictures of homeless dogs in need of adoption on their beer cans to encourage customers to adopt.

As luck would have it, Monica recognized Hazel on a beer can one day, and immediately contacted Motorworks. They then managed to put her in touch with the shelter, and after submitting vet records and photos to prove Hazel was hers, she drove for two days straight to pick up and take her home at last.

Commenting on the reunion in a recent interview with BBC News, Monica stated: "I had seven kids and was getting prepared to move and then I lost her. I didn't stop searching for her until I left - and even then, I'd call people back there to ask, 'have you seen her?'"

She continued: "When I moved, I'd lost all the microchip paperwork. When she went missing, I really didn't even think to update it, which was just stupid of me - and now I have it linked to my phone."

She added: "I was really nervous someone would walk in and get her - they'd told me there's a lot of people looking at adopting her...I was panicking like I'd lose her again."