Woman changes mom's autocorrect and the cat sitter gets extremely rude texts

Woman changes mom's autocorrect and the cat sitter gets extremely rude texts

British actress Nicola Thorp has gone viral after changing her 61-year-old mom's autocorrect, resulting in some very rude texts to their cat sitter.

The hilarious incident took place when the 30-year-old was on holiday with her mother in Germany. Looking to have a little fun, she decided to make a few alterations to the dictionary on her mom's phone, and what happened next will leave you in stitches.

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Sharing a picture of the conversation on Twitter, she wrote: "I changed my mom's autocorrect whilst we're on holiday in Germany. She just texted this to the cat-sitter."

Now, anyone who receives a series of texts that begin with "the sex dungeons of Cologne", must know that they're in for a treat. After this incredible opening to the cat sitter, she tried to write "Janny here", but autocorrect changed it to "b*tch t*ts here." And hilariously, when she tried to change this to a simple "hi", her phone changed it to "f*ck off".

As if that wasn't bad enough, it somehow managed to get worse when she wrote: "Will u clean c*nty boll*cks cat litter". Needless to say, this was meant to say something much more innocent like, "Will you clean the cat litter".

Thankfully, this story has a wholesome, happy ending. As soon as she realized that something was wrong with her phone, she tried to apologize and this time autocorrect didn't change what she wrote: "noooooo" before asking: "Will you though".

Needless to say, when Nicola posted the screenshot on Twitter, it immediately went viral, and at the time of writing, it has received over 15K likes and 2.3k retweets.

People were tickled by the fail with one commentator calling Nicola a "hero". Another wrote: "I can't stop laughing." And a third added: "It's not often I laugh until I wheeze in the mornings but this had me crying."