A 'National Treasure 3' is in development plans with Disney

A 'National Treasure 3' is in development plans with Disney

For many people growing up in the 2000s, the National Treasure movies were beloved. Best described as a blend of Indiana Jones and the Da Vinci Code, the two films tell the story of treasure hunter Ben Gates (played by Nicolas Cage) pursuing a fortune hidden by the founding fathers of the United States.

When Ben realizes that an important clue to the treasure's whereabouts is on the back of the Declaration of Independence, he's forced to steal it in order to recover the vast riches. A sequel followed the 2004 original in 2007, but now it seems as though Disney is planning a third film in the franchise.

Take a gander at the trailer for the original movie:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Chris Bremner is writing the film for Disney, with Jerry Bruckheimer producing - with both Bremner and Bruckheimer recently working on the third Bad Boys film together.

Although details on the project are sparse, Nicolas Cage himself has expressed an interest in returning to the lead role again. Back in a 2007 interview with ComingSoon.net, the actor stated: "With National Treasure, I believe that it should become more and more 'International Treasure.'"

He continued: "I was very happy to see that we went to London, England and Paris, France, but I'd like to see the movie go wider still. I'd like to go into Africa, Egypt, Asia, and keep going.

"My hope is that Ben [Gates, the films' lead character] is recruited and he gets a dossier from these other countries about their history, and has to download it and learn it, and then try to go on these hunts on their behalf. That would be a lot of fun for me."

Meanwhile, original director Jon Turteltaub told ComicBook.com that: "I would love there to be. Nic is, like, in wardrobe right now. Jerry Bruckheimer is ready to go. We would love to do it."