Author reveals some pretty massive details about the 'P.S. I Love You' sequel

Author reveals some pretty massive details about the 'P.S. I Love You' sequel

Earlier this year we found out that the P.S. I Love You book is getting a sequel, 15 years after the first one became an international best-seller and propelled the then-21-year-old author Cecelia Ahern into superstardom.

Then, in 2007, the story's fanbase grew even more with the release of the movie, starring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank.

Watch the trailer below and try not to have your heart broken all over again:

"I never expected it to be as big as it became," the author said in an interview with Stylist. "All I knew was that I was writing a story that was moving me beyond anything I had written before and I was taking it more seriously than anything else I’d ever written."

The new book will be called 'Postscript', and will follow Holly as she revisits memories of her late husband Gerry, seven years after his death. She's now in a better place, but old feelings resurface after a group of terminally ill people ask for her help to make their own letters in the vein of Gerry's post-humous notes.

The group, who call themselves the 'PS, I Love You Club', has been "inspired by her story," as she explained:

"They’ve all been inspired by her story, and the letters Gerry left for her before his death. They too are terminally ill or have life-threatening conditions, and ask Holly to help them write their letters for their loved ones. By spending time with the group and trying to get to know their personal situations in order to curate the perfect letters, Holly finds herself in the unusual position of having to look at it all from Gerry’s perspective."

She then went on to describe how this forces Holly to see what happened between her and her husband from a new perspective, examining the relationship and his death years on:

"I wanted to flip Holly’s experience so she is now in Gerry’s position, helping to write letters for others. In order to give the PS I Love You Club a positive experience she needs to analyse her own. Was it all entirely positive? Would she change anything? She’s forced to look at the letters Gerry left for her in a new way; the reasons why he wrote them, what they really meant, and she examines if they were the right letters for her: did they help her or hold her back?

"She gets sucked back into the past again, back into her memories of Gerry and the year following his death and she struggles with managing the past and her present. I also wanted to bring Gerry back by adding new memories of their relationship, which explain why he left particular letters for her and I also go more into who they were as a couple."

The novel is set to be released on September 19 this year - and I'm sure the movie adaptation will be just around the corner.