Bride breaks both feet on wedding day after getting 'too overexcited' dancing to 90's hit

Bride breaks both feet on wedding day after getting 'too overexcited' dancing to 90's hit

If you've attended your fair share of nuptials, you'll understand that weddings are stressful at the best of times. Certainly, more often than not, the so-called "joyous" affair descends into chaos - and regardless of whether this is because it proves impossible to please your in-laws, or make everything fit into an already tight budget - one this is guaranteed: it never goes to plan.

One bride, however, found herself in the Emergency Room after she managed to break both her feet at her wedding reception because she had such a good time Irish dancing to a 90's classic.

Lyndsey Pardoe, from Birmingham, had to make a trip to A&E during her wedding reception thanks to vigorously dancing to B*Witched's hit single, C'est La Vie.

The teacher's unfortunate incident was shared on social media by Twitter user PoppyOA - who overheard Lyndsey explaining how she had got a "bit too overexcited Irish dancing to C'est La Vie" at her reception last Saturday.

The tweet has since been retweeted over 10,000 times, and has even attracted the attention of members of B*Witched.

"There’s a woman in the A&E waiting room on crutches with both legs in casts. just heard her telling someone it was her wedding on saturday & she got a bit too overexcited irish dancing to c’est la vie. if you’re gonna have a reason to be in A&E, that should always be it," Poppy wrote.

The Tweet caught the eye of Lyndsey's brother, Lee, who duly shared a picture of his accident-prone sister with both feet in casts. "My sister everybody," he wrote. "A very northfield wedding party......"

Lee later revealed that Lyndsey has to wear one of the casts for four weeks and the other for six weeks. "She’s a teacher as well. Kids are gonna have a field day!!!" he added.

Another social media user who knows the newlywed, Ellie Cooper, shared another picture of Lyndsey on crutches, writing "Omfg this is my moms friend. she’s broken both of her feet."

Shortly afterwards, Lyndsey's situation caught the attention of the members of B*Witched. "Omg sorry... happy wedding... lots of love," lead singer, Edele Lynch wrote, while her sister and bandmate, Keavy, added "Oh my goodness, poor woman!!!! How can we find her? Does anyone know her? Think she needs cheering up!"

Sinead O'Carroll corroborated, "Oh no... not another person.... C’est La Vie has a lot to answer for... so many injuries... so sorry to hear this, hope you have a speedy recovery."

But, of course, the people of the internet were able to see the humour in the situation. "I’ve legit never seen something so me, if it doesn’t happen I’m redoing my wedding," one Twitter user wrote, and another added "Jeepers I can just imagine the craziness. Poor girl but yeah she knows how to enjoy herself. Who doesn’t love a bit of B*witched??!!!"

What a pickle.