Cardi B slammed for giving $500,000 cash birthday present to Offset

Cardi B slammed for giving $500,000 cash birthday present to Offset

As and Cody Wise have famously established, spending money on your birthday is no bad thing. However, there comes a point where - for some people at least - splashing the cash stops being fun and starts to look a little obscene. 

Superstar rapper Cardi B discovered this week when the internet expressed a hostile response to her latest Instagram post. The clip, which showed her and her husband, Offset, celebrating the latter’s 28th birthday, drew particular criticism for Cardi’s choice of gift. Clearly, having plenty of “dollar, dollar, dollar, dollar” doesn’t stop you from being a target on social media. 

The controversy centered around Cardi’s, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, decision to present her husband with a gift of $500,000 cash, hidden inside a fridge. During the clip, Cardi can be heard asking “What else can I give somebody who got [sic] everything?” 

Check out the clip here:

Before the cash is revealed, Cardi goes on to state that her husband already has “every car”, “every jewelry” and “every shoe”, before explaining to a baffled Offset that she decided to gift him “the fridge”. Only then did she reveal the kitchen accessory was stuffed full of cash.

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While some on social media were quick to send their congratulations to the couple, others were highly critical. One Instagram comment read: 

“Imagine how many starving children or homeless people you could help with that money.i love you cardi but you showing out here and i feel bad for people who have nothing.”

Another added:

“There are poor people in the world that can’t even afford to put food in their fridge and here you go with money in yours. How disrespectful to those who can’t afford to eat. SMH.. What a disgrace!”

The clip in question has since been viewed over 13 million times on Instagram alone.