Anna Faris brilliantly offers to officiate Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger's wedding

Anna Faris brilliantly offers to officiate Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger's wedding

It's not often that two beloved actors get together, but when they do, their respective fans can get attached to these 'power couples,' making it all the more disappointing if they split up. This is what happened when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their divorce in August 2017, with the pair releasing a joint statement explaining that they "tried hard for a long, time and we're really disappointed."

It seems that they've kept true to the end of this statement, with Faris coming forward as very supportive with the news that Pratt has now gotten engaged to his new partner, Katherine Schwarzenegger. She's even joked that she would officiate their wedding if they needed her to...

On Monday, the newly-engaged couple announced their engagement to the public on Instagram. "Sweet Katherine, so happy you said yes!" Pratt wrote. "Proud to live bodly in faith with you. Here we go!" Schwarzenegger, an author and the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, wrote: "My sweet love. Wouldn’t want to live this life with anyone but you ♥️💍"

Following the announcement, Faris went straight to the comments to share the joy, writing, "I'm so happy for you both! Congratulations!" And her positive words towards the couple didn't end there. On her podcast, Unqualified, Faris is always happy to open up about her personal life and approach things with honesty - and on Tuesday she revealed that he had messaged her about the proposal before the announcement, the morning after he had popped the big question.

"Chris texted me this morning and he was like, 'I proposed to Katherine last night.' And I was like, 'Ahh, that’s amazing'," Anna said during the latest episode. "And I texted him back like, 'I just wanted to remind you I’m an ordained minister.'"

"I’m so happy for them. I knew that it was gonna happen and I love her and I love him and I’m just so happy that they found each other," she added. Faris, who is now dating cinematographer Michael Barrett, has previously spoken about her ex-husband in a frank way on the same podcast. Just last week, she spoke about what it was like going through the break-up and sharing custody of their son, Jack.

“Chris and I work really hard ‘cause we have Jack, that is sort of the long game idea and making sure Jack is really happy, which makes us really happy. We have sort of the luxury of circumstance. You know, we are both in other loving relationships. … But it’s like, how do you not in general sink into a place of bitterness?

“I do want to reiterate though that I f**king acknowledge - we all do, everyone acknowledges - that there is bitterness and pain with all breakups and that hopefully makes us human. But the long game is just the worst, being the bigger person. It just is. It f***ing sucks until, then when it happens though, is that everyone’s happy.”

Seeing your ex move on with someone else can be a difficult thing, even if you've moved on yourself, but it looks like Faris is handling it in the best way possible.