World's hottest grandma defies Instagram ban by posting even more revealing photos

World's hottest grandma defies Instagram ban by posting even more revealing photos

When we think of the stereotypical grandmother, there are a few things that come to mind. Frumpy cardigans, for one thing, seem to be a staple of the grandma wardrobe - as do sensible shoes and perhaps a floral scarf. And what about some classic grandma activities? Baking, gardening, and doing a crossword are all up there, of course - and a nanna can never truly be a nanna if they don't knit.

But Gina Stewart is not your average grandma.

The 48-year-old, who is based on the Gold Coast in Australia, has a certain degree of notoriety on social media for her risqué photos. Known as "the world's hottest grandma", she frequently flaunts her figure in skimpy outfits or - on occasion - in the nude.

However, Instagram recently cracked down on the grandmother by banning one of her photographs for lewd content. So what did she do? Well, she posted even more raunchy pics... and they're pretty NSFW.

After uploading a shot of herself wearing nothing but a g-string, Stewart asked her 112,000 followers, "Regarding the Instagram photo ban, what do you think? Is this okay? It’s not too hot for Instagram..... right?"

And of course her fans were totally on her side over the whole debacle.

"It shows as much boob as in all your posted pics, so i don't see what the difference is with this specific one?" wrote one person.

"Nothing is too hot in 2018," said another. "I just hope you are as beautiful inside as outside."

Meanwhile, a third person added: "Kim Kardashian’s posts are way more risky and than yours by far and you can basically everything in here and instagram never took hers down," which is actually a pretty fair point.

Gina herself was also reluctant to accept that the ban was legitimate.

"Instagram removed it because it said it did not comply with their guidelines," she explained. "But the guidelines say no nipple and nipples were not being shown in the picture, so I have asked Instagram to please re-post it. It's only a naked side shot and my hair is covering me."

She also went on to say that she always make sure to cover certain areas of her body so that the nudity is always implied rather than explicit.

"All my photos are tasteful and only implied nudity. Instagram is a place for artistic self-expression and creativity," she said.

"Like Dita Von Teese says, 'Glamour isn't about age, shape, or size. You don’t have to be pretty to have it. Anyone can create it.'"

From what she's said, then, it seems there's not much that's going to stop the world's hottest grandma from posting more sultry snaps and cementing her status as the hottest nanna on the planet. Plus, if she is following the rules - what can Instagram do to prevent her from posting more nudes, really?

Kudos to Stewart for sticking by her guns and owning her grandma-hood. Now, if only we could all look that good when we're pushing 50...