11 Times celebrities got it horrifically wrong on social media

11 Times celebrities got it horrifically wrong on social media

Famous people often get it so, so right: we love their movies, replay their songs over and over again, lap up every image in their swish modelling shoots. We basically love almost everything about them (well, a lot of them anyway). However, when celebrities get it wrong they get it horrifically wrong, as seen in many of their social media posts.

Now, we still adore most of the A-listers out there. But we're just saying that many of Hollywood's finest should probably put the phone down and learn when their input is simply not necessary. Case in point: all of these mortifying social media posts.

1. When Kirstie Alley wrote this heartfelt 'tribute'

2. When Lil' Bow Wow made a big error in judgement

3. When Zac Efron made MLK Day about himself...

4. When Charlie Sheen accidentally tweeted his phone number

5. When Mia Farrow forgot to crop out this search bar

6. When Bernadette Peters did the same thing and had an awkward spelling error...

7. When Scott Disick accidentally copied and pasted an email from his PR person

8. And Naomi Campbell followed suit...

9. When Adam Levine needed to check his facts before he put his foot in his mouth

10. When Kim Kardashian got Giorgio Armani's name wrong - but still got what she wanted

11. When Courtney Love thought she'd discovered the lost Malaysian flight, but it turned out to be boats 

It's certainly true that our favourite celebs often don't know when to stop on social media. However, it's also accurate to say that some of them are masters at hilariously trolling their fans on there too...