16 Photographs where the background is telling the true story

16 Photographs where the background is telling the true story

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Even as a writer I have to say that sometimes this is true. A good photograph should be a perfect snapshot of time, a fleeting scene that's preserved forever like an insect trapped in amber. But taking a nice pic is an exercise in timing. It's not enough to just flash away like you're in the paparazzi. You need to line up the shot, make sure that the lighting is just right, and then wait for the right moment. If you wait too long, or not long enough, then something random might end up intruding in the background, with hilarious results.

Do you ever get a sinking feeling when you're looking back over the pictures you took during a night out? Most people recognise that moment when they discover that the perfect selfie they took of them and their friend has been ruined by some clueless bozo gurning in the background. It's an experience that's pretty familiar, and social media has given photographers the opportunity to share some of the more bizarre examples with the world. Scroll down to check out some of the funniest pics ever taken, and make sure to pay close attention to what's going on in the background.

1. Flashing the belly 

2. Even Batman has to work out 

3. She's not as big as she appears 

4. Anyone thinking of the Jaws soundtrack?

5. This dog really wanted to be involved 

6. Somebody loves himself 

7. Disappointed Elmo

8. Heading down the aisle, are we?

9. Cops and Power Rangers

10. A witness to the proposal

11. Flying whale ahoy!

12. It's like looking into the future 

13. Don't worry, the child is safe

14. She has no idea that Slash is behind her 

15. Photobombed by the Queen

16. The picture is neigh good

Luckily for those involved, most of the examples above have been pretty funny. But what happens when photobombing turns macabre? Like the time that an unsuspected bride had her wedding pictures invaded by a mysterious creepy clown?