Bride had no idea that her wedding pictures were photobombed by a terrifying clown

Bride had no idea that her wedding pictures were photobombed by a terrifying clown

Weddings are stressful at the best of times, and downright panic attack inducing at the worst. If you've been involved in your fair share of nuptials, you'll know that the so-called "joyous" time inevitably descends into pandemonium. And whether it proves impossible to please officious in-laws or make everything fit into your budget, one thing is for certain: things never go exactly to plan.

However, irrespective of how far removed the day is from your Pinterest board, there are still many moments of magic. For one couple, though, this moment came about in a rather unconventional way...

When most couples think about their first wedding anniversary, they tend to find romantic ways to celebrate it - such as candlelit dinners and presents. However, newlywed Vincent Alexander had a unique way of commemorating his special day - and it included a clown...

On the day of his engagement shoot, Vincent approached his photographer, Megan Bowling of Pop of Color, in secret. He wanted his brother to dress up as a clown and stand with a knife in the background of one of his wedding photographs. The crew managed to pull off the feat, and the ensuing picture is a combination of hilarious and absolutely terrifying.

His wife Manda had no idea what was happening during the shoot, and Vincent managed to keep it a secret for their entire first year of marriage. In a Facebook post, he wrote, "After a year of keeping a secret, she finally opened her anniversary gift. I am shocked she never found out. Thanks to my brother Matt Alexander for being my clown and my good buddy Matt O'Brien for being a psycho like me. The pressure is finally off. Happy anniversary sweetheart, I love you to death."

Vincent even shared a video of Manda opening her, er, unusual gift, and as one could expect, her reaction was priceless.

"Clown or no clown I thought it was the sweetest," the photographer later stated. "I love how passionate Vince was about the whole thing. It really shows how much he knows and loves her. He made it happen I just snapped the photo and tried not to laugh."

Manda posted the photo to her own personal Facebook page and said that while she hates clowns, she does love the photo.

And naturally, the happy couple's friends and family were rather amused by the photograph. "Clowns are just creepy! I'd cut him out of the picture!," one Facebook user wrote, while another just added, "Must be true love". 
Thankfully, the rest of the wedding snaps are completely devoid of clowns and just adorable.

Well, there you have it. While a scary clown is the last thing that you'd want rocking up at your big day, you have to admit that the end result was priceless - and will be cherished for years to come.

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