8 Incredibly awkward moments you might have missed during awards shows this year

8 Incredibly awkward moments you might have missed during awards shows this year

Awards shows are always a hoot to experience second-hand, and 2019 saw plenty of glitzy red carpet events. It's always a pleasure to watch some of the most glamorous, talented people pick up an award for their hard work, and for some under-appreciated artists to get the credit they truly deserve.

But to be honest, most of us tune into these shows for the drama; for the cringe-worthy speeches, the live TV debacles, and the eyebrow-raising wardrobe choices. So if you missed out on them the first time around, then why not scroll down to check out some of the cringiest award show moments of 2019.

1. Someone misnaming Jameela Jamil as 'Kamila Al Jamil'

A number of TV viewers watching E!’s live broadcast of the 2019 Golden Globes Awards red carpet noticed that an on-screen caption labeled “The Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil as "Kamila Al Jamil" - the name of the sister of the character she plays on the show.

2. Rami Malek being snubbed by Nicole Kidman

The cameras at the Golden Globes also managed to pick up on Rami Malek being ignored by Nicole Kidman, who turned away twice when he got on stage and tried to greet her.

3. John Travolta mistaking a drag queen for Taylor Swift

While presenting an award to Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs, Grease actor John Travolta attempted to hand the Moonman to drag queen Jade Jolie, who was dressed as Swift.

4. Selena Gomez's off-key performance: 

When Selena Gomez took to the stage at the AMA's to deliver a stirring rendition of her song 'Lose You To Love Me', a number of people thought that her singing was more than a little off-key.

5. Sandra Oh calling out Emma Stone: 

When giving a speech at the Golden Globes, Killing Eve actress Sandra Oh appeared to call out Emma Stone for whitewashing in Aloha, and Emma even yelled back to her: "I'm sorry!"

6. Jamie Lee Curtis stepping on Camila Cabello's dress: 

"Scream Queen" actress Jamie Lee Curtis made a guest appearance at the AMAs, but accidentally stood on the hem of  Camila Cabello's gown while the cameras were rolling. 

7. Taylor Swift shading Scooter Braun: 

After winning Artist of the Decade at the AMAs, Taylor Swift appeared to make a dig at world-famous music producer and agent Scooter Braun during her own performance.

8. Post Malone talking about grapes:

After bagging himself an award for 'Favorite Album - Rap/Hip-Hop' at the American Music Awards, Post Malone took to the stage to deliver a short acceptance speech, where he randomly stated "I love grapes" at the very end of his spiel.

However, another awards show talking point, which was juicy enough to have its own article, was Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's steamy performance of 'Señorita' at the VMAs