9 Celebrities who shared way too much intimate detail this year

9 Celebrities who shared way too much intimate detail this year

There are some things you share, and other things you keep firmly to yourself. But where is the line drawn if you're a celebrity? For some famous people out there, they're so far past the line that they can't even see the line! The line is a dot to them.

You want receipts on this claim? We've got them right here. From penis sizes, to vagina steaming, to cock-tails, we have all of the A-listers who shared way too much intimate detail in 2018 right here.

1. When Ariana tweeted about Pete Davidson's size

@ginagrande Twitter post Credit: Twitter/@ginagrande

2. And Miley Cyrus followed suit...

@sourpsycho Twitter post Credit: Instagram/@sourpsycho

3. Only for Lili Reinhart to jump in...

@commentsbycelebs Instagram post Credit: Instagram/@commentsbycelebs/Lili Reinhart

4. And Kelly Ripa to pipe up too!

Credit: Instagram/@commentsbycelebs/Kelly Ripa

5. Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen was all about vagina steaming

Chrissy Teigen Instagram post Credit: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

6. And Gwyneth Paltrow wasn't paying attention to any of it...

@gaybestfriend Instagram post Credit: Instagram/@gaybestfriend

Gwyneth Paltrow Instagram comment Credit: Instagram/Gwyneth Paltrow

7. Bradley Cooper was no doubt cringing when an old article came back to haunt him

Tommy Rowan Twitter post Credit: Twitter/Tommy Rowan

8. But James Blunt soon stole attention away from Bradder's sexual escapades, and onto his diarrhoea

James Blunt Twitter post Credit: Twitter/James Blunt

9. Only for Chrissy Teigen to out-share all of them

Chrissy Teigen Twitter post Credit: Twitter/Chrissy Teigen

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