A photo of Chris Evans with a moustache has resurfaced and his response is brilliant

A photo of Chris Evans with a moustache has resurfaced and his response is brilliant

Back in May last year, one of the biggest stories to ever hit Hollywood came down the wire, leaving fans of blockbuster superhero movies shaken. No, it wasn't a scandal or the announcement or surprising twist in a hit movie, but a small change to the face of Chris Evans. Captain America himself did the unthinkable - and grew a moustache.

While there were plenty who were happy about Cap's bearded look for Avengers: Infinity War, the actor portraying him made a choice that fans weren't to keen on. The new look was revealed in an interview with The New York Times, the publication referring to it as a "formidable mustache".

To say his followers were conflicted over the new look is most definitely an understatement.

His fans aren't the only ones who are active on social media, as the 37-year-old actor is frequently posting to Twitter.

Sometimes he's being a real life Captain America, standing up for what he believes in and using his platform to speak his mind - and other times he's sharing adorable photos, videos and stories of his dog, Dodger.

More recently, Entertainment Tonight Canada posted a news story about the actor, following the news that he'd joined the production of Antoine Fuqua's blockbuster, Infinite. However, the thing that bothered Evans about this the tweet was not the news itself, but the photo they chose.

And people noticed that the photo was a little less than flattering.

And that's when Evans chimed in. "This is clearly an act of aggression," he wrote. "There are literally hundreds of photos to choose from. What did I ever do to you, Canada?"

Now, there's actually a reason for the moustache, which he was rocking for past of 2018. It wasn't simply a look Evans was trying out, but one that he needed for a specific role.

Evans was starring in a Broadway play, a revival of the play Lobby Hero, which starred Evans as a New York police officer. And - as he explained to Seth Meyers during an interview last year, he wasn't exactly a fan of the look.

"I can look people dead in their eyes. Not only do people not recognise me, but you get some strange looks. You get moustache profiled. What would I be? It's either a cop or a porn actor."

Now, he's not wrong. We were all thinking it.

But who knows - we may be seeing more of the moustache in the future, since it's starting to look like Evans may be retiring from his role as the clean-shaven Marvel superhero. Last October he sounded like he was saying goodbye to the role, but we'll have to find out what happens to his character next when Avengers: Endgame is released in April this year.