Aaron Carter criticized for 'racist' post described as 'ignorance at its finest'

Aaron Carter criticized for 'racist' post described as 'ignorance at its finest'

Singer Aaron Carter has been criticized by social media users this week for making a 'racist' video and posting it to Instagram.

The offensive video shows Carter making a telephone order for Chinese food, putting on an exaggerated Chinese accent while he does so.

Carter states: "A plain lo mein, orange chicken, sesame chicken. Large order. Crab rangoon two order. General Tso’s chicken, pork fried rice."

The musician captioned the post: "When your friends can't order Chinese food chicken in NYC AND you have to SHOW THEM YOURE cultural status #satire [sic]" 

Watch Carter's 'racist' Instagram video (Warning, some viewers may find the footage offensive):

However, a number of people took to the comments to express their disappointment with the video. For instance, one person wrote: "Aaron Carter you need help. Serious help." Meanwhile, someone else added: "That’s not even any language you’re just mocking his accent you racist fool 😂😂😂"

The musician later took to Instagram live to post a foul-mouthed rebuttal to his detractors, threatening to block followers who had criticized the footage of him making the order.

Carter stated: "I ordered Chinese food last night and nobody could talk to the guy and order the food, so I was like 'watch, I got this and I ordered the sh*t in, like, five minutes."

Check out Carter's angered response in the video below (Warning: Strong Language):

He continued: "'Racist b*tch?' f*ck you, f*ck you b*tch. Tell me how I’m a racist, please. How the f*ck am I racist? Because I’m cultured, and I know how to speak to people? People are so sensitive, you ever heard of satire humor? 'Oh my god, he’s so racist, he hates Chinese people.' Really, why am I ordering Chinese food then?"

The troubled performer has previously claimed to be "scared for his life" after revealing he has had a stalker for the last two years.