Aaron Carter says he's 'scared for his life' after revealing he has had a stalker for two years

Aaron Carter says he's 'scared for his life' after revealing he has had a stalker for two years

Aaron Carter has said he is "scared for his life" after being allegedly followed for two years by a female stalker.

The 31-year-old took to social media on Sunday to tell fans he was gathering evidence and planned to take legal action against the woman who he claimed had keyed his car and made her way into his concerts.

Writing on Twitter, the singer put: "You made a big mistake stalking me and keying my car. Police are now getting involved my stalker has taken it too far. And she’s gonna be sued by me. I will reveal her identity too I’m scared for my life... This person has been stalking me now for two years straight and is not well she’s been stalking me and still getting into my concerts and I’m genuinely afraid for my life. I needed to put this out there. I WILL BE REVEALING HER IDENTITY. [sic]"

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 19: Aaron Carter attends Project Angel Food's 2017 Angel Awards at Project Angel Food on August 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images) Credit: Getty

He continued: "We are gathering all the evidence and her on camera and filing and order of protection and I will be suing her for punitive damages as well as revealing her identity. [sic]"

Despite going through a tough time, Aaron is still touring and performed in Nashville on Monday night as part of the Pop 2000 Tour, alongside Lance Bass, Ryan Cabrera and O Town. He is due to return to the stage in May in Cedar Park, Texas.

The I'm All About You star last hit the news in December when he posted a cryptic tweet that implied his girlfriend was expecting a baby.

"I’m in such an amazing place mentally, physically & emotionally. I finally bought my first home and I’m going to be proposing soon to my [girlfriend] and we might just be expecting… [sic]" he gushed in a post on social media.

However, after rumours spread that he was about to become a father, he was forced to shut the gossip down and clarify that partner Lina Valentina was not, in fact, with child.

A month later, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant told E! News: "A few weeks ago, I posted something on social media about hoping to have a child soon and it seems that started some rumours. I am looking forward to becoming a dad, but am not expecting a child right now."

However, children may not be too far in the future for the former child star, who has released five studio albums. Earlier this year, the 31-year-old told Us Weekly that he is keen to become a father and had considered adopting, saying: "I want kids so bad. My goal is to be a father. I really want to be a dad and I want to transcend any of the shortcomings that my parents experienced growing up with us."