Adorable footage shows Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds freaking out after hearing their daughter's voice in Taylor Swift's show

Adorable footage shows Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds freaking out after hearing their daughter's voice in Taylor Swift's show

So... Taylor Swift is low-key conquering the world right now with a whirlwind tour for her latest album, Reputation. She's breaking attendance records at stadiums, igniting Swifties with a new kind of passionate fury and making her way all over the globe to sing her guts out.

Over the weekend she played a few shows in Massachusetts, performing at the Gilette Stadium. The stadium looked pretty epic thanks to the monumental turnout.

And somewhere among those tens of thousands of people were a couple that most of us know very well. Well, not personally, but we are familiar with them to some extent: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

The celebrity couple is loved not only because they look so damn beautiful together, but also because they're constantly trolling each other on social media. But we all know it's for fun, and it's because they don't take themselves too seriously. This was demonstrated in another way at the weekend when the two actors were spectators at Taylor's show.

What you may not know is that Blake and Ryan know Taylor quite well. So well, in fact, that they let Taylor use the vocal talents of their eldest daughter James on one of her latest tracks. Yep, when she was just two years old, James was sampled at the start of Taylor's song Gorgeous. You can hear James saying "gorgeous", introducing the song right before it starts.

Anticipating that Taylor would be singing the song as part of her set, Blake and Ryan must've been feeling pretty proud to know their little girl's voice would be broadcast to so many people. And lucky for us, some nearby fans captured the moment that it happened - and it's really bloody cute. The parents are caught freaking out when James' "gorgeous" echoes across the stadium, just as any parent would.

Blake can be seen holding her phone, recording the performance as well as herself and Ryan standing excitedly near the stage. When they realise what song is about to be played, and especially when they hear their daughter's voice, they lose it. Here, see it for yourself:

Upon hearing her eldest daughter's voice being projected to a massive audience, Blake starts jumping up and down with a huge grin on her face. Ryan appears slightly more collected – he is a dad at a Taylor Swift concert, after all – but he too breaks character for a moment as he does an enthusiastic fist pump into the air after hearing James on the stadium speakers.

Here, let's watch it again, shall we?

Something else you should know is that the woman hugging Blake in the clip is none other than Gigi Hadid, who's been hanging out with Swifty on tour for the past couple of days. She's the ultimate fangirl, as can be seen by the following clip.

Looks like everyone had a really fun time, though it appears Blake and Ryan thought little James was still a bit too young to come along too.