Amber Rose reveals the impact that breast reduction surgery has had on her life

Amber Rose reveals the impact that breast reduction surgery has had on her life

Amber Rose is often hailed by the fashion community as being a body-positive representative. She's always been very defensive of her right to show her figure (as we've seen from various spats with Piers Morgan), founded the SlutWalk and been an advocate for women's rights of autonomy over their own bodies, and - most obviously - has the guts to strut around with a close-shaven head;  something that most women wouldn't feel they can do.

Despite this, it seems that Rose wasn't ever totally content with her curvy shape, as she made the decision to get a breast reduction at the beginning of this year.

However, Rose's choice to go under the knife was not for aesthetic reasons, but rather for health concerns. In fact, she dreaded having the surgery for a long time because of how it might make her look.

"I was scared that I wouldn’t feel sexy anymore, but it got to the point where I literally was in pain," Rose said in an interview with People. "It was almost as if I had like a heavy backpack on my chest."

Not only did Rose's size 36H breasts make it painful for her to get around, they also made it very difficult for her to perform everyday tasks. Exercising, in particular, was becoming nearly impossible, and the model explained that the extra weight on her chest made it tricky to perform on Dancing With the Stars back in 2016.

"My boobs slowed me down," she said. "And, my partner, Maks, would be like, ‘Come on! Hurry up, faster, faster, faster.’ And, I’m like, ‘Dude, I can’t go any faster! I’m like in pain. I literally cannot move that fast.'"

After long enough, the discomfort became so unbearable that Rose decided the procedure was worth the risk of scarring.

As she explained:

"I got my boobs when I was 14, but I would say, over the years, as my weight fluctuated, my boobs fluctuated. And, so, after I had my son, I mean, my boobs, they got bigger. They got way, way bigger. They definitely made me look older when I was a teenager, and also, I felt it made me look heavier as well because they were so big.

"They weren’t implants or anything like that and so, my back was hurting me. There was times I would just walk and just stop and be like … it would kill me. And, so, at that point, I was like, this is more of like a health issue, where I have to get this done."

Now, since undergoing the three-and-a-half-hour procedure, she says her situation is "like a dream come true".

"Now when I’m running out the door, I don’t have to search for the right bra to fit within the shirt or to match the color of the shirt, so, it doesn’t show and look gaudy," she said. "I can kind of just throw it on and I’m like, ‘This is amazing!’ I’ve been missing this my whole life."

In a society where bigger boobs are almost always considered better, it's refreshing to see the flipside of the argument. It's great that Rose could be so open about this issue, and remind everyone that no particular figure or shape is worth compromising your health for.

At the end of the day, you only get one body - so do what's best for it!