Amber Rose seemingly inks both kids’ names onto her forehead

Amber Rose seemingly inks both kids’ names onto her forehead

People have always been divided on the subject of tattoos - some love them enough to cover practically their entire body in ink, and others despise them enough to threaten their kids with the prospect of being disowned if they ever dare to get a tat of their own.

But tattoos are way more than just designs and patterns. Some are political, some are romantic, and some are, erm, fairly questionable. In short, they can say a lot about you as a person, and what your values are.

Amber Rose speaks candidly about her pregnancy to her Instagram followers:

For instance, most parents would say that the most important things in their lives are their children, which is why some moms and dads choose to permanently ink the names, initials or dates of birth of their little ones.

And that appears to be what model and TV personality Amber Rose has done - only this time, the tats are on her face.

The names of the her two young sons - Sebastian ("Bash") and Slash - appear to have been written on Amber's forehead, with Bash inked on the right and Slash on the left. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed that the tattoo is a permanent one, it is undeniably a bold look.

Not everyone is so keen on the face tat, however.

One person commented on the Instagram photo featuring Amber's new tats: "Omg... what the hell did Amber do?? Her face is so pretty. Now, it's ridiculous."

A second added: "I agree that people have their right to choose. I saw her photo before and she was beautiful. These marks mark subtract from that beauty in my opinion."

Credit: Instagram

The fan who posted the Instagram pic then swooped in to defend Amber, writing: "This was the nicest encounter ive had with a celebrity shes such a kind human and people just want to tear her down for choosing what she wants to do with her body :( [sic]."