Amy Schumer just got the weirdest baby shower cake from her sister-in-law

Amy Schumer just got the weirdest baby shower cake from her sister-in-law

Oh my gosh, you guys, Amy Schumer is this close to welcoming a new baby into the world! The last 12 months or so have been a whirlwind for the 37-year-old comedienne, as she got married to chef Chris Fischer back in February, before announcing her pregnancy last October.

How life can change in an instant, huh?

Anyways, folks, if there's one things celebrities know how to do, it's plan amazing, one-in-a-lifetime parties for big life events, and find a delicious-looking cake to match. Amy Schumer, of course, has her baby shower coming up, and customary with every baby shower is a baby shower cake.

Amy Schumer Credit: Getty

Not customary, however, is how messed up the cake has to be. Schumer is one of those comic talents that isn't afraid to push the boat out in search of an extra laugh, but this baby shower cake is surely a step too far.

The good news is that Amy Schumer didn't make the cake herself, so what you're about to see doesn't necessarily have to ruin your opinion of her, whatever that may be. The bad news is that Amy Schumer probably had to eat this cake, it comes from her sister-in-law, and it's... interesting.

"My sister in law. And I can’t stress that enough IN LAW. surprised me with a horrifying cake and i can’t thank her enough. So I won’t thank her at all. [Schumer's sister-in-law]@mofischhh something is truly wrong with you and I love you." she said in her Instagram caption, and once you see it, you probably won't be able to un-see it.

...Wow. Nothing to whet the appetite like a frosting-laden depiction of a baby crowning, huh? Complete with butt cheeks and what looks to be a tiny butthole, Amy can be seen casting a look of pure confusion at her sister-in-law, unsure exactly what to do with the cake placed in front of her.

When creating a cake for a loved one's impending baby, Amy Schumer's sister-in-law probably could have used a few pointers from the likes of Kris Jenner. Ahead of Kim Kardashian's third child Chicago West - delivered via surrogate - Kris Jenner sent her daughter a delicious looking pink cake from Hansen's Cakes.

Hansen's also produced a similar one for Kris' son Rob Kardashian when his daughter Dream Kardashian arrived at her first birthday in November 2017, so it looks as if this is a dessert-themed tradition for America's most famous family.

Amy Schumer is - of course - not a member of the Kardashian Klan, and she's probably really touched that her sister-in-law decided to bake her a cake. But ahead of her baby on the way, Schumer probably didn't want to be reminded of what's about to happen to her, and certainly not in dessert form.

This was a really sweet gift, but I'm not sure I'd have much fun eating it.