Amy Schumer shares baby bump underwear pic on Instagram and fans are loving her for it

Amy Schumer shares baby bump underwear pic on Instagram and fans are loving her for it

Amy Schumer has been brilliantly honest about this pregnancy thing, you guys; as one of comedy's foremost voices of the female perspective, you can be sure she's had some rather choice words for the nine-month ordeal.

Schumer announced she was with child back in October, after getting married to chef Chris Fischer earlier in 2018, and a little under six months later, she shared a rather honest selfie of how things are going. From the looks of it, it seems like things are going well.

Amy Schumer Credit: Getty

Schumer's pregnancy underwear selfie is everything we've come to expect from the 37-year-old, and you can be sure her fans were loving the honesty on display with this selfie.

"Feeling strong and beautiful today #didntpuke," Schumer said in her post, and fans were glowing in their praise as Schumer was glowing in her selfie. Not least user @lillyhunter28, who's an obstetrician who was enamoured with Amy Schumer's baby bump:

"I am an OB and I look at pregnant bodies every day. Your belly is absolutely perfect...and inside that belly is a strong and funny and kind and smart human being. Our bodies can do so much. Keep making me laugh and I’ll keep delivering babies."

"Beautiful bump!" declared user @geegee93xx. "You're carrying a little human and you should feel proud and beautiful, it's one of the best things women can do.. u," she added, and it's clear that following Amy Schumer during her pregnancy is always going to be a fruitful (and entertaining) endeavour.

Schumer's really crushing this social media pregnancy thing: just last Wednesday, she shared a video of herself demonstrating the correct way to handle one of pregnancy's biggest challenge: putting on socks. "If you’re pregnant, like I am, and you want to put your socks on, it’s easy," Schumer reassured us.

"First, the left foot. Okay — a little discomfort but not really a problem. And then the right foot. You just … it’s easy. You put your toe in … and then you try it from behind. And then you just kind of … slowly will the sock up your foot. And that‘s pregnant."

The second sock a... little longer than the first one did, sure, but it's just another example of how candid Schumer can be when it's really necessary. She showed off her proclivity for telling it like it is in a recent Netflix special, where she talked about her husband and learning he was on the autism spectrum.

She then addressed it while appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers:

"That's why we both wanted to talk about it [the autism diagnosis] because it's been totally positive. I think a lot of people resist getting diagnosed and even some of their children because of the stigma that comes along with it... The tools that we've been given has made his life so much better and our marriage and our life more manageable."

Amy Schumer, keep doing you. It's just a part of why your fans love you so much.