Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson made their engagement Instagram official

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson made their engagement Instagram official

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson aren't taking things slow. The pop singer and the SNL star just dated started dating a few weeks ago, and they're already engaged. At this rate, they'll get married next week, get divorced the following week, and have a nostalgic affair for old time's sake the week after that.

We knew things were getting serious when Pete got tattoos of Ariana's bunny-eared image, and Ariana made a dirty Harry Potter pun on Pete's Instagram page. As millennials, they often - wait, are they millennials? What are we calling the generation after millennials? Oh yeah. Tide-Pod-Eaters. As Tide-Pod-Eaters, they often express their love for each other social media, and their followers love it.

However, their engagement was just a rumor, gossip, a whisper in the wind. Anonymous sources "confirmed" it to the tabloids, but that's not good enough. Ariana posted cryptic tweets saying "I love you so much" and "got a bed w your name on it." But she didn't say whom she was talking to. Pete Davidson? Her followers? North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un? It could be anyone.

Since Ariana was determined to play coy, Peeriana shippers went on a hunt for the engagement ring. Well, not the real ring. A photo of it. ExtraTV spotted some suspicious bling during Ariana's performance at the iHeartRadio awards.

Then we got another sighting of the ring from Perez Hilton, gossip blogger and forgotten relic from 2005. During the listening party for Kanye West and Kid Cudi's Kids See Ghosts, Ariana did an impromptu interview with radio personality Big Boy. (Not to be confused with Big Boi from Outkast, or the Bob's Big Boy hamburger franchise.) While laughing at a joke about sticking a camera up an ass, (you had to be there), Ariana covered her face with her hands, showing off quite a rock.

Well, now Peeriana has officially made their engagement official...officially. On Instagram, Pete shared a black and photo showing his ring. In the caption, he wrote, "u know what you’d dream it be like ? it’s better than that." And in the comments, Ariana responded, "so much better."

Also, earlier this week when the engagement rumors first broke, Ariana liked a couple congratulatory tweets. Now, that could have been an accident. After all, First Daughter Ivanka Trump liked an anti-Trump tweet from adult film star Tommy Pistol. That was pretty weird. But thanks to the Instagram confirmation we know those Twitter likes were no accident.

Now you're all caught up on Ariana and Pete's whirlwind romance. The couple was spotted at Disneyland this week, most likely celebrating. An Instagram users snapped some footage them riding Space Mountain. Obviously, Ariana is wearing mouse ears. And thankfully, the footage cuts off before a bunch of kids realize it's Ariana Grande and start screaming.

Well, congratulations on your engagement, Peeriana! And if you're already married, congratulations on your marriage! And if you're already divorced, I'm so sorry to hear that.