Ariana Grande left a dirty 'Harry Potter' reference on Pete Davidson's Instagram and the internet is in meltdown

Ariana Grande left a dirty 'Harry Potter' reference on Pete Davidson's Instagram and the internet is in meltdown

It's spring, when a young man's fancy turns to love, or to drunk driving and crashing into a pole. At least, that's what Mac Miller did earlier this month. It appears the rapper spiraled out of control after he and Ariana Grande split up, and reports surfaced that she was dating Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson. Hey, we all make mistakes sometimes. Hope you're doing okay, Mac!

Ariana and Pete haven't officially said they're dating, but they've been smitten with each other on social media. Instagram stalkers have noticed them leaving adorable comments on each other's posts. For example, Ariana captioned one photo, "taken in between intense deep sobs of fear / laughter bc we were sitting eight billion insect nests." Pete commented, "love this caption. caption queen." And Ariana replied, "king of loving my captions." And then, I'm just guessing, they jumped into other's arms and made out.

Well, now Ariana has driven the Internet wild by leaving a dirty Harry Potter comment on one of Pete's photos. The 24-year-old singer appears to be a big of the wizarding school fantasy series. She recently shared a photo wearing a Slytherin sweatshirt, letting us know which one of the four Houses she'd be sorted into at Hogwarts. Let's see... Slytherin House values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness - yup, that's Ariana Grande.

Meanwhile, Pete Davidson's a total Gryffindor. He shared a cute photo with Ariana, where he's wearing a Gryffindor shirt and Ariana's wearing Slytherin robes. In case, you're wondering, Gryffindor House values daring, nerve, and chivalry. Those qualities must come in handy in the cut-throat of Saturday Night Live, and I really hope Pete calls Lorne Michaels "Professor Dumbledore."

But let's get to the dirty Harry Potter comment, shall we? In the Instagram comments, Pete wrote, "The chamber of secrets has bene opened..." And Ariana responded, "u tryna slytherin (i'm deleting my account now)." And then I assume she said, "Mischief managed," and snort-laughed. Pretty funny comment, Ariana. 1,000 points to Slytherin! I don't know what the point of points are, but go ahead, take some. You earned it.

Ariana's fans loved her flirty comment, and swooned over a photo of the Harry Potter-loving couple.

Well, I hope Pete and Ariana continue to have Harry Potter-inspired dirty talk. "Wand" is an obvious sexual innuendo. "Fantastic Beasts" is just one letter away from "Fantastic Breasts." Maybe there's something with Azkaban. "Can I tap that Az-kaban?" "Can you help me sneak into Az-kaban?" Hey, I'm just spitballing here. There are no bad ideas. Besides those ones I just pitched.

Ariana's next album, Sweetener, is expected to drop sometime this summer. If Pete Davidson returns to Saturday Night Live next fall, it will be his fifth season.

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