Ariana Grande leaves sassy comment on Millie Bobbie Brown's instagram snap with her boyfriend

Ariana Grande leaves sassy comment on Millie Bobbie Brown's instagram snap with her boyfriend

From romantic notes passed across the lunch room to whispering with your friends about whether to go to first base or not, to be thirteen and in love is a beautiful thing. We can all remember those nervous butterflies we felt when turning up to a Saturday-afternoon cinema date and how excited - if disgusted - we were about our first kisses.

Alas, we all have to be brought back down to earth at some point. However, usually when someone bursts your teenage-dream shaped balloon with a sarcastic comment, it's your mom or dad - not the queen of pop. And not in full view of millions of people. But then again, Millie Bobbie Brown, star of Stranger Things, doesn't exactly have the life of most 13-year-olds.

The actress officially confirmed her romance with YouTuber Jacob Sartorius on Valentine's Day this year, following months of selfies and speculation in the press. Since then, it's fair to say that Millie has refrained from sharing too much of her and Jacob's life together, posting only the occasional snap of the two here and there.

Yet, if her latest Instagram post is anything to go by the young love-birds appear to be very much still going strong. On Saturday, she shared an image of her and Jacob stood kissing on a lifeguard's perch in front of the sea, captioning it: "moonlight w him". Before long, the post - which Jacob also shared on his own page - had racked up well over three million likes.

For the most part, her fans were very happy for her, with many commenting on how adorable the two were and others reminiscing on their own first romances: "Oh my gosh this is so cute!" said one fan. Even those that weren't so sure about the pairing could see the beauty in it: "Idk how i feel about it buttt as long as she's happy ?" said one.

However, not everybody was so sure about the snap. Leading the way, was pop songstress Ariana Grande who showed some sass, with the 24-year-old commenting underneath: "I wasn't even allowed to leave my house til I was 20." The remark left other fans in stitches, with one saying: "lmfao this is the best thing I’ve seen in so long" and many others agreeing with her.

Ariana wasn't the only famous face to have her say though, with Hailey Baldwin admitting that she was totally on board, commenting: "Ugh y'all are CUTE!" and Kendall Jenner also showing the photo some love.

Fortunately for Millie though, Ariana's probably just winding her up, as the two are known to be firm friends. Millie even revealed that Ariana had texted her some special words of support about her outfit ahead of the Golden Globes back in January, with the singer describing the youngster as "so fly" and saying that she looked "gorgeous" and "stunning".

At the end of the day, it's just nice to see a little bit of happiness in the world. After all, who doesn't love a good romance, eh? If they make each other happy, then good on them!