Ariana Grande posts to Instagram about 'evolving' her Pete Davidson tattoo

Ariana Grande posts to Instagram about 'evolving' her Pete Davidson tattoo

What is it with celebrities and questionable tattoos?

You've got Miley Cyrus and her NSFW ink, Pete Davidson and his massive unicorn piece, and, of course, Ben Affleck and whatever the hell this monstrosity is. At this point, it seems almost as if the famous folk of Hollywood have some sort of crap tat club that they're not telling the rest of us about.

And, if that is the case, Ariana Grande has almost certainly secured her membership by now.

With more than 20 tattoos spread out across her legs, neck, chest, arms, and hands, the 25-year-old singer has quite the collection of artwork on her body... and she's just added one more to the gallery.

ariana grande Credit: Instagram/@arianagrande

Posting on Instagram this weekend, Ari revealed a new piece across her ribs. "not a cover up just evolvin [sic]," she wrote alongside the image, which shows some leaves growing horizontally and encompassing the word "always" - a tattoo that was done in Pete Davidson's handwriting.

ariana tattoo Credit: Instagram/@arianagrande

The thank u, next singer says that the work was done at 3am after tour rehearsals.

The work was also shared by the artist, Mira Mariah, who has tattooed Ari a number of times before. "Middle of the night leaves on the queen," she wrote. "I love you thank you this is all! So! Exciting! Happy tour."

Though she may not have covered up this particular Davidson tribute, she has erased basically every other trace of him on her body.

While they were together, Grande got a matching "reborn" hand tat with the SNL comedian, inked his late father's NYPD badge number on her foot, and got "Pete" written across her finger. Now, in their place, she has an olive branch, the name of her dog, and a black heart.

Despite her many fixes and coverups this year, none of these examples quite match up to the disaster that is her "Japanese BBQ finger ♡" tat.

Grande infamously went viral a couple of months ago for getting some ink which she believed said "7 Rings", a reference to her hit song. However, it turns out that her kanji wasn't quite up to scratch, and her efforts to fix it only made matters worse.

Perhaps she'll work on "evolving" that tattoo next.