Pete Davidson just got a massive unicorn tattoo

Pete Davidson just got a massive unicorn tattoo

People get tattoos for many reasons: to commemorate a loved one, to mark affiliation with a tribe or subculture, to cover imperfections like stretch marks or scars, to express their individuality, to rebel against their stupid family with their stupid rules and stupid cultural norms, to experience the exquisite pain and pleasure of the inking process, and to decorate their skin with a design they just think looks cool.

I'm not sure which reason explains Pete Davidson's new massive tattoo of a unicorn on his arm. I'd like to believe that he's dating a unicorn or has joined some underground gang called The Unicorns, and they greet each other by putting their hands on their foreheads to form horns. But I'm guessing he just got it because he thinks it looks cool.

On Instagram, New York tattoo artist Ryan Mullins, who works at Top Shelf Tattoos, shared a photo of the majestic design. In the comments, people have mixed reactions. Some praised the artwork, declaring it "sick," while others objected that it is "way too feminine for a Dude!!!" And one concerned fan wrote, "I sure AF hope you use certified NON TOXIC ink, because I'd hate to think that Pete Davidson, who has Crohn's disease, needs any more toxins in his body."

Perhaps a Google search for "unicorn" can uncover the meaning of this cryptic tattoo. As you know, a unicorn is defined as a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a horn growing out of its forehead. But there's a second definition: "something that is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain."

Pete Davidson landed one of the most desirable jobs in television, starring on Saturday Night Live, a 40-year institution that has churned out countless comedy stars. He also dated international pop queen Ariana Grande, was spotted making out with the stunning English actress Kate Beckinsale. One could say he's caught many unicorns in life and love.

Unicorn Credit: Getty

On dating sites, unicorn has an alternate meaning, referring to a person who is willing to join a couple in the form of a third partner for pleasure. In most cases, this is a bisexual or bisexual or polyamorous woman, and sites like Find A Unicorn help couples find that special person. Perhaps by getting this tattoo, Pete is broadcasting his search for a unicorn to join his hockey game make out sessions with Kate Beckinsale; or perhaps he's announcing that he's a unicorn, and will spice up any willing couple's love life with a little sweaty sweet BDE; or perhaps not.

According to Unicorns Rule, the official website of unicorn lovers, which appears to have been created with Geocities in 1998, unicorns symbolize innocence, feminine energy and magic. Perhaps the tattoo is a reminder to embrace the world with childlike wonder when your personal life has become tabloid fodder; or perhaps not. Maybe he was just covering up another Ariana Grande tattoo.

We may never know the reason Pete got a massive unicorn tattoo, but at least we learned a lot about unicorns that we can never unlearn. No matter how hard we try.