Ariel Winter's fans absolutely destroy troll who slammed her 'slutty' fashion sense

Ariel Winter's fans absolutely destroy troll who slammed her 'slutty' fashion sense

When you're a celebrity, you know that whatever you do, you're going to get trolled online. No matter how you act, how you look or what you say, the people of the internet are never happy - and perhaps no one knows this better than Modern Family star, Ariel Winter.

The actress is, by this point, notorious for fiercely fighting off critics who attempt to rip her to shreds on social media. However, when they came for her again recently, Ariel had no need to stand up for herself, because her fans had everything under control.

It all started when the Modern Family actress' co-star, Sarah Hyland, posted a photo of the pair together at Variety's annual Power of Young Hollywood event. The actress, who plays Ariel's older sister Hayley Dunphy on the show, captioned the image with a light-hearted comment, writing: "Alex & Haley Dunphy... wait. Haley & Alex Dunphy... we play each other on television".

Fans of Modern Family will know that Sarah was likely referencing the fact that, on the show, her characters wears slightly edgier clothing, whereas the photo of the pair showed Ariel wearing a slightly more revealing dress in comparison to Sarah's high neck and long skirt.

Ariel for one clearly found the caption amusing. "I’m Alex with Haley’s [the character played by Hyland] fashion sense," Winter wrote before posting another photo of the head-turning dress on her own Instagram account.

However, the onscreen sisters' fun exchange was disrupted by an internet troll who, according to Fox News, tried to tell the actress that she'd be "so much more comfortable and confident" in modest attire. In addition, fans who replied to the troll - who deleted her comment afterwards - on the post implied that she had claimed that Ariel dressed like a "slut".

Of course, fans of the 20-year-old were livid, immediately jumping into defend the TV star. "I didn’t realize you were her? How do you know she isn’t comfortable or confident in the things she wears?" wrote an Instagrammer going by the username of @heazerr. "And she doesn’t “dress like a slut.” I LOVE her style and wish I had the body to pull it off. She looks incredible. People really need to stop having an opinion on how someone else—someone they don’t even know—is dressing. Focus on yourself instead. It’s going to feel so much better!! ❤️".

She was joined by @sgtwez who wrote: "if I had a body like @arielwinter I'd be showing it off at every opportunity... and I'm a man! She's a gorgeous young woman with bad boys that deserve as much air time as possible so, take your negativity and f**k off", as well as @lobullen who slammed down Ariel's critic, writing: "this isn’t the 1800s, ladies empower themselves by wearing clothes that make them feel sexy and confident, please educate yourself."

Way to go, Ariel's fans! I'm sure she'll be thrilled to hear you always have her back.