Arnold Schwarzenegger undergoes emergency heart surgery in hospital

Arnold Schwarzenegger undergoes emergency heart surgery in hospital

Arnold Schwarzenegger, now 70-years-old, was taken to hospital for a scheduled surgery earlier this week, but it seems that not all has gone well with the operation, requiring emergency open-heart surgery.

The actor went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Thursday March 29 for a catheter valve replacement when issues arose. According to TMZ, there were some complications with this procedure, which is said to be experimental. The doctors decided it was necessary to conduct the emergency surgery, which apparently took several hours.

Back in 1997, Schwarzenegger underwent an aortic valve replacement procedure, due to some issues he was having with a hereditary heart condition.While it wasn't a dangerous surgery, the medical staff had some reservations about how necessary it was at this point in his life, but he wanted to have it done regardless.

He decided not to have a mechanical valve replacement, instead using a tissue valve due to concerns the mechanical option would restrict his physical activity, from acting to his fitness regime.

In an interview with Graham Bensinger in 2016, Schwarzenegger opened up about how a life-threatening heart surgery and a family history of heart conditions left him in a particularly dangerous spot.

You can watch this interview below:

"Now, 19 years later I still have the same valves and everything is standing fine," he said at the time, but it seems that time has taken its toll.

Since the emergency open-heart surgery was conducted, it was said that the actor came out of the operation in good health, and is thankfully now in a stable condition. Hopefully the legendary actor pulls through and is on his feet in no time.