'Bagel Boss' guy goes berserk again and is arrested by cops

'Bagel Boss' guy goes berserk again and is arrested by cops

The internet has, unfortunately, catapulted many people to fame for all of the wrong reasons and one of these people is "Bagel Boss" guy, AKA Chris Morgan. This gentleman went viral after launching into a misogynistic rant inside a branch of a bagel establishment, ranting how women often mocked him on dating sites for his limited stature.

Let's remind ourselves of when he told a man "You're not God, you're not my father, you're not my boss!"

This rant involved the five-foot 45-year-old berating women for not being able to see past his height, and ended with him being taken out by another - much larger - customer.

Now, the Bagel Boss guy has gone berserk again, resulting in his arrest and a subsequent visit to a psychiatric hospital.

In the video below, the Bagel Boss guy tells TMZ that he doesn't trust women: 

According to the New York Post, the incident took place at the Bay Shore Marina in New York, where Morgan began shouting at other people. His behavior was so extreme that The Post states that Morgan was arrested and taken to a hospital for a "psychiatric evaluation", but it is unknown if he was held overnight.

As Morgan was being arrested, a person said: "We're sick of your nonsense."

Videos of the disturbance were posted to Facebook by user Lisa Cordero:

Officers reported that the five-foot-tall man was "causing a disturbance" by attacking people with a baseball bat and shouting.

He was apprehended by an officer who was on patrol at around 5:45 pm.

The Bagel Boss guy being arrested. Credit: TMZ / Screenshot

A cellphone video captured by a witness and later posted to Facebook shows Morgan being told to get on the ground by a cop.

“F*k you, you a*hole!” Morgan says. Then, as he is being handcuffed, Morgan can be heard shouting: "He sprayed my eyes!"

Bagel Boss guy in a hat. Credit: Getty

This news comes after the announcement that Morgan will be fighting baseball legend Lenny Dykstra at a charity boxing match in Atlanta next month. The pair tried to build up excitement for the event by having a spat at a press conference earlier this week, which saw Morgan get slapped in the face by Dykstra.

Social media users have now speculated that the incident which took place at the Bay Shore Marina was also a publicity stunt.

News outlets have not reported any information about Morgan's visit to the psychiatric hospital, and it is not known if he was detained overnight.