Bella Thorne brands Whoopi Goldberg 'disgusting' over response to nude photo leak

Bella Thorne brands Whoopi Goldberg 'disgusting' over response to nude photo leak

As you probably will have heard if you're at all intrigued by the lives of former Disney stars, Bella Thorne went to great lengths over the weekend to stand up for her right to take x-rated photos of herself - without having to fear for her privacy.

The 21-year-old actress took to Twitter to post her own nude photos after a hacker threatened to leak them online.

"F**k u and the power u think you have over me. I’m gonna write about this in my next book," Thorne wrote in the tweet which accompanied the photos.

While Thorne's bold move was commended by many, not everyone has been as sympathetic - most notably outspoken moderator for The View, Whoopi Goldberg.

Goldberg suggested that Thorne was partly responsible for taking the photos in the first place. "If you’re famous, I don’t care how old you are," she said on The View. "You don’t take nude pictures of yourself."

Thorne has since branded the 63-year-old's comments "sick" and "disgusting". The young star also posted the above video to Instagram in which she explained that she had turned down an appearance on The View as she "didn’t feel like being beaten down by a bunch of older women."

Watch the tearful video Thorne posted in response to Whoopi Goldberg's unsympathetic remarks concerning the situation:

Thorne, known for her breakout role in Disney's Shake It Up, also posted a screenshot of an open letter to Goldberg regarding the matter.

She used the letter to publicly condemn Goldberg for placing the blame on her for taking the photos, as opposed to the hacker.

bella thorne open letter Credit: Instagram

Goldberg has yet to respond to either Thorne's letter or the emotional video.