Bella Thorne has directed an adult movie for Pornhub

Bella Thorne has directed an adult movie for Pornhub

It's safe to say that Bella Thorne has had a tumultuous year. Back in June, the 21-year-old former Disney star made the decision to publicly share her own private intimate pictures after being threatened with extortion by hackers who were saying they would leak the images.

And along with being cast in upcoming movies like Southland and The Friendship Game, the former Shake It Up star has now made her directorial debut. But this probably isn't a film you'll be catching in local movie theaters, and it certainly isn't a movie that's going to be shown on the Disney Channel.

In fact, Bella Thorne has completely ditched her Disney past and gone all NSFW by directing an x-rated film for every teen's favorite site, Pornhub. The spicy flick stars adult performers Abella Danger and Small Hands getting pulsing racing with a huge knife (and that's not a euphemism).

Check out the steamy trailer for the flick below:

In a promotional video, the star says that it was a "fun environment" to be in because she’d never recorded people having sex before - something she and myself have in common. She continues:

"The process of shooting was quite interesting because we had real-life f***ing on set which I had never shot before at all. It is quite a fun environment."

Thorne also added that she originally wanted the racy movie - titled Her & Him - to be a "Christmas horror movie", but instead made a "beautiful, ethereal" film. Ah, we've all been there, Bella.

Speaking candidly about the stigma that still surrounds the porn industry, the former child star said she has no time for the people who feel "uncomfortable" about it:  "If you think that porn is uncomfortable, I’m sorry that you are uncomfortable, but don’t make other people feel uncomfortable for being okay with it."

Back in July, Thorne spoke with ABC News about her own sexuality and revealed that she was pansexual: "I'm actually a pansexual, and I didn't know that."

The star then defined pansexuality as: "You like what you like. Doesn't have to be a girl, or a guy, or […] you know, a he, a she, a this, or that. It's literally, you like personality, like you just like a being. Doesn't really matter what's going on, over there. If I just like it, I like it!"

Her & Him is set to be released on September 15, 2019!