Bella Thorne reveals new girlfriend on Instagram

Bella Thorne reveals new girlfriend on Instagram

Former Disney star Bella Thorne shared a couple of risqué shots of her and her purported girlfriend to Instagram.

The 22-year-old, who is also dating Benjamin Mascolo, came out as bisexual back in 2016. A couple of years later in 2018, it emerged that she was dating a man and a woman simultaneously.

"It’s definitely really intriguing and quite beautiful that you can open yourself up to have this kind of fluid relationship between three or four or five or however many people,” Thorne told the New York Post.

Bella, who appeared to be topless in the new Instagram photos, is seen cuddling with a new girl, who seemed unwilling to show her face in the photos.

"She's very cute," the actress-turned-adult film director wrote in the caption, noting that the mysterious lady is the first girl she has "dated that's camera shy."

Watch the tearful video Bella Thorne posted in response to Whoopi Goldberg's unsympathetic remarks concerning her nude photo leak:

Needless to say, plenty of her fans rushed to the comments to praise the adorable photo - and Bella for being open enough to post it.

"Who is the new girl?!" one person wrote. "These couple pics are so cute."

"Thank you for sharing your truth," wrote another. "Not everyone has your balls. side note. you have never put your sexuality in the closet when most celebs had to. It's these decisions you make, that for me, are most important."

"Who is the new girl?!" wrote a third. "These couple pics are so cute."

Interestingly, her boyfriend Benjamin, from the Italian pop group Benji & Fede, also took to the comments to express his approval of the raunchy pics, simply writing: "You girls are cute."

Bella replied to her boyfriend's comment, writing: "See u soon baby," alongside three heart emojis.

Supportive boyfriend, huh?