Bella Thorne says smoking weed and having a polyamorous relationship will change your life

Bella Thorne says smoking weed and having a polyamorous relationship will change your life

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, Bella Thorne opened up about using marijuana to manage her anxiety, and how exploring non-monogamous relationships changed her life for the better.

The 22-year-old, who recently directed her own adult film, has now collaborated with Glass House to launch her own range of cannabis.

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When asked why she decided to get involved in the marijuana industry, Thorne replied "I just wanted to put another name and face to marijuana. There are so many health benefits. And this really has been changing people's lives and changing the medical industry."

The erstwhile Disney star also disclosed that smoking weed has helped her cope with depression and anxiety. "I think a lot of kids, instead of being put on pills when they were younger because they're battling depression and anxiety...maybe smoking weed would help them like it's helped me. It's helped me so much with anxiety and depression," she revealed.

"I think if you are looking to change your life, and you're dealing with anxiety and depression, and you're trying all these different things and they're not working and you aren't happy...why not try marijuana? I mean, why not try it? You might as well, and I think obviously with the stigma, it's just going to get easier over time." 

Thorne then spoke about being pansexual and her history of polyamorous relationships.

"Obviously, dating two people at once is a little difficult. I’m just with Ben now, so I’m not seeing any girl currently. If you're gonna date a guy and a girl at the same time, those people have to really fuck with each other. Or literally fuck with each other. You know what I'm saying? It's like, it really depends on finding the right mesh of two people," she told the publication.

"If it works, you can spend a weekend with two people and you're all hanging out and having fun and smoking, and like, sharing stories up late at night. Kind of having fun acting like children in that way. It's a really fun experience and I have been able to capture that a couple times, and I just love that idea. I love loving two people at once. I love sharing stories with three people in one room. So, I'm always trying to find ways to make it work because I think it really would make me happy."

The Big Love star was previously involved in a polyamorous relationship with YouTuber Tana Mongeau and musician Mod Sun. Her relationship with Mongeau, which started in September 2017, reportedly ended in February of 2019.