Blac Chyna sparks angry backlash after promoting 'skin lightening' cream

Blac Chyna sparks angry backlash after promoting 'skin lightening' cream

Skin lightening creams have been criticized for promoting the attitude that lighter skin is more beautiful than darker skin. They've also come under fire for being physically damaging, but for many, the ethics are a dealbreaker. Beauty standards should encompass all colors of skin, not skew towards a particular shade.

Blac Chyna, the former strip club dancer turned model, partnered with Dencia to launch her own skin lightening cream, Whitenicious. Handcrafted with Swarovski crystals, so you know it's classy, the face cream claims to preserve the complexion and restore the skin's "natural glow." According to the website, it "improves the appearance of dull, discoloured skin" and "contributes  to a marked reduction in the visibility and intensity of age spots."

The illuminating cream also has another unique side effect: pissing off people on Twitter. By itself, "Whitenicious" would infuriate fans on social media. However, Chyna's promotional plan is really sparking outrage. After plugging the product on Instagram, she's flying to Lagos, Nigeria to visit the Whitenicious store on November 25. That's right, she's flying to Nigeria to promote a skin lightening cream - are you cringing yet? I wonder if the cream repairs damage to your skin from cringing...

According to a 2011 study by the World Health Organization, 77 percent of Nigerian women use skin lightening products on a regular basis, which is the highest proportion in the world, For those that argue the creams are physically dangerous and ethically wrong, that's a cause for concern. After getting bombarded with disapproval, Chyna turned off the comments on her Instagram post, but she can't turn off the wrath of Twitter.

One woman tweeted, "I have a personal vow with myself to avoid arguing with other BW [black women] on social media however @BLACCHYNA you’re a dickhead for this. As a BW [black woman] and as a Nigerian I think you’re vile for being complicit in something so damaging. Bleaching creams are not cool." Another stated she that she was "honestly disgusted."

A third woman argued, "Blac Chyna is taking advantage of the insecurities of colourism and self hate. She is disgusting. Skin whitening cream is horrible. This should not be advertised and she is choosing Africa for a reason. Shameful." And a fourth person tweeted, "Blac Chyna selling bleaching cream in Africa??? The world really is backwards, sad thing is people will actually buy it."

Blac Chyna's representative told TMZ that she's been "using Whitenicious’ dark spot corrector for a few years to deal with her hyperpigmentation." The rep added that the cream is "being marketed to men and women of all skin types." So, maybe that will quell the outrage?

Beauty standards and beauty products have come under fire more and more, over the past few years. As the industry attempts to adapt to diversity, we'll have to wait and see what happens to Whitenicious.