Blake Lively is roasting husband Ryan Reynolds about the size of his manhood, and it’s a classic

Blake Lively is roasting husband Ryan Reynolds about the size of his manhood, and it’s a classic

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are a total power couple, there's no denying that. Blake's busy right now storming down red carpets in perfectly tailored suits while promoting her highly anticipated new film (A Simple Favor, if you haven't heard), and Ryan is riding the second wave of success from the Deadpool sequel by launching his own gin company.

In fact, you'll probably notice that the Aviation gin has its own secret little cameo in some of the A Simple Favor scenes:

But while Blake might be happy to oblige Ryan with a sneaky little product placement in her new flick, she reminded us all yet again why we love them so much as a couple. Yes, once again, the Lively-Reynolds household has been caught up in a bit of cheeky trolling, and this time it was Blake who fired the shots.

Ryan shared another promotional pic of his gin brand - this time a massive in-your-face picture of him sipping what looks to be a gin and tonic while looking smug and reclining in an old leather chair in front of a rustic wooden backdrop. Very suave.

But Blake was having none of it, and left a hilarious comment on Ryan's Instagram post to poke a bit of fun at her husband. "Who needs a mini van?! I'm driving this from now on," she wrote under the picture. "Subtle, gorgeous, and OHMYGAWNYOUREHUGE."

Blake joked about how "huge" her husband was, which – if you know them at all – is obviously their special way of showing affection to one another.

It is, of course, not the first time the pair have trolled each other. Though the post marks the pair's sixth wedding anniversary (they got married on 9 September 2012), you'd think they're a fresh new couple based on the way they are always playfully flirting with each other on social media.

There was this one, where Blake faked a bit of jealousy for Helen Mirren.

This classic birthday post for Blake...

Which, predictably, earned Ryan a return serve of the same thing.

While Blake just told her husband he looked "huge", we mustn't forget the time that he made fun of her "#nofilter" look when she was captured in costume looking... err... slightly less glamorous than usual.

She retaliated at Christmas, sharing a hilarious picture of Ryan's festive baking efforts. Perhaps the kids were involved, too? Surely no grown man is THAT bad at baking.

And what was potentially the very first trolling post was this one, when Blake compared Ryan's Deadpool pose to this saucy image.

Which, in a gesture that shows we've come full circle, was reposted by Ryan this week. He confirmed that the other dude did indeed do it first, do it better and do it naked.

Ryan has not yet responded to Blake's latest jab, but we're almost certain he'll have a comeback ready to go soon.