Ryan Reynold's hilarious response to Blake Lively's Instagram picture with naked man

Ryan Reynold's hilarious response to Blake Lively's Instagram picture with naked man

There's love and then there's love. Like my-heart-is-beating-so-fast-in-my-chest-because-I-love-you-but-also-I-kind-of-want-to-kill-you-right-now. Nope? Doesn't sound familiar? Then let's look to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to explain.

The two actors have been an item for a good seven years now, having just celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. They have two adorable kids together, and all appears to be fine and well. But then occasionally, one of them turns to social media to poke fun at the other, either by posting some hilariously derogatory pic, or otherwise replying to something with a snarky comment.

Of course, they just tease each other in a "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" kind of way. Trolling each other is just another way for Blake and Ryan to say "I love you", and luckily for us, they do it through a public platform all for our entertainment.

The latest in the Lively-Reynolds trolling game comes from a rather saucy picture Blake posted to Instagram. She's still promoting her new film, A Simple Favor, and the latest promotional pic is of her in a rather - err - provocative pose with a naked man who happens not to be her husband.

Blake stands in her newly-adopted uniform of a tailored suit, posing as her character Emily, in a kitchen with a martini being held for her by the aforementioned nudey-dude. Blake stands in a dominant position, tie slung over her shoulder as she holds the legs of the man, which are propped up in a V-shape as he lies on the counter.

The naked hunk happens to be a two-time kickboxing World Champ -  Thomas 'The Boxer' Canestraros. He now does modelling as well, and it's not hard to see why.

Blake captioned the pic "My turn...", leaving very little to the imagination indeed. If you thought Ryan wouldn't know what to say about the whole thing... then you're wrong.

All it took was three words to hilariously bite back at Blake's pic, writing cheekily: "He seems nice".

People loved Ryan's "there's nothing fishy about this pic" comment, reiterating the well-known mantra that these two are ultimate #couplegoals.

"Lmaooo @vancityreynolds your comments kill me," one person wrote. "Ryan Reynolds. Literally real life Deadpool," said another. Someone else said, "the best photos that @blakelively post r the ones u comment on ?? best couple evveeer".

Thomas, the naked man in the pic, shared what it was like to take the picture with Blake, confirming that - yes - he was wearing underwear. Pretty sure it's against all sorts of laws and regulations for him not to be.

But it should also be noted that Blake still gave a nod to her husband in the raunchy pic. Well, sort of. Like in many of the promotional shots for the film, a martini stars in the shot alongside Blake, and a bottle of gin can be seen riiight at the edge of the frame. The brand? None other than Aviation gin, Ryan's latest venture.

In any case, a good ol' trolling from the Reynolds-Lively household means all is well between them. As if it could ever not be?!