'Boy Meets World' star says she makes more money doing adult movies than she did from Disney

'Boy Meets World' star says she makes more money doing adult movies than she did from Disney

Prepare to have some essence of your childhood destroyed.

For any kid growing up in the 90s, Disney's Boy Meets World was must-watch television. Running for seven seasons from 1993 to 2000, the show followed Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) and his friends as they navigate their teenage lives and face the issues that many teens face.

Joining the cast in 1998, actress Maitland Ward became a prominent character on the show as Rachel McGuire, who joined the show as Eric and Jack's new roommate.

Check out Ward stealing the scene in this Boy Meets World clip:

After starring in 45 episodes of the hit teen comedy, Ward went on to have one-part roles in a handful of TV shows and movies like White Chicks, but never really found success on our screens. That was until earlier this year when the former Disney star transitioned in the adult movie industry.

Now, the 42-year-old actress has spoken to The Daily Beast about her career change, the money she earns, and her recent nominations at the AVN Awards (the adult industry's equivalent to the Oscars.)

After several years of modeling and sharing snaps of her risqué cosplay, Ward has revealed that the move into the x-rated industry has been enjoyable, saying: "I thought I’d be more nervous, but I wasn’t. It’s been way easier and I’ve enjoyed it so much more than I’d expected. And I’m good at it. It feels natural to me. If you talked to my younger, more virginal soap-opera self, I never would have seen this coming out of me."

Ward revealed how her publicist at the time would beg her not to post sexy pictures on social media, and encouraged her to audition for the role of a "Disney mom".

"I was typecast. I was seen as a wholesome comedy star, and I was trying to fight against that. I didn’t want to play a Disney mom," Ward revealed.

After discovering her loyal following enjoyed her sexy cosplay pics - she now has over a million followers on Instagram - Ward revealed how she made money through selling adult content on apps and sites like OnlyFans and Patreon.

"For 2018, I was the No. 1 adult-content creator for Patreon, and it put the power back in my hands. Studios wouldn’t give me that," she said. Ward revealed to The Daily Beast she can make as much as five figures per month on OnlyFans alone - raking in $62,000 in her best month during 2018.

In fact, Ward revealed she's making more money now than she ever did with Disney: "So when people say, 'She had to turn to porn', I laugh, because this is a good thing and I’m making more now."

And Ward is seeing great success in the business, earning two nominations at this year's AVN Awards - one for Best Three-Way Sex Scene and the other for Best Supporting Actress.