Britney Spears shows off her incredible abs in workout video

Britney Spears shows off her incredible abs in workout video

We've all been there. It's the end of a long day and you're exhausted. Working out is the last thing you want to do. And Britney Spears agrees. Though maybe she's better at sticking to it, as she's already lost three pounds.

Check out the video of Britney working out here:

Spears recently posted a workout video on Instagram, in which she congratulated herself for her weight loss and laid out her future fitness goals for her fans. In the video, she exercises in a garden on a yoga mat. Britney takes viewers through her workout routine with exercises like squats, hip raises and leg lifts. Her caption for the post reads:

"I’ve been working really hard to loose weight .... and for me, three pounds is like seven pounds, it’s a lot. I don’t like doing too much cardio. My body has muscle memory, cus I use it be gymnast and I can bulk up .... so I like isolated movement. The key to my workout is repetition, but that gets boring so I have a booklet I’ve made with all my favorite exercises. I usually wear headphones .... music takes me away.

"I know I don’t look perfect here, but I’m working on it. Hopefully one day I can give my boyfriend’s abs a run for their money !!!!"

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Most comments on the video are from fans showering the singer with support: "great job," "love it," and "you are already perfect!" There's also a comment from her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, who wrote under the post: "Perfect as it can be! Lioness always inspiring the world!"

Spears and her boyfriend are known to work out together and frequently share their fitness journey on Instagram. Over the past few months, Spears has consistently posted about her progress through Instagram videos.

This Instagram post comes after Spears earlier accused paparazzi of photoshopping images to make her look heavier. She has since deleted a video she posted on Instagram claiming that these paparazzi photos of her make her look 40 pounds heavier than she really is.