Britney Spears treats fans to Instagram 'fashion show' with five stunning outfit changes

Britney Spears treats fans to Instagram 'fashion show' with five stunning outfit changes

Britney Spears has been in the game a long time by this point, but that doesn't mean she's no longer the Princess of Pop to her fans.

With 22.2 million followers to boast of, she's started upping her Instagram game, including with a recent fashion show for her fans to enjoy.

On Saturday, Britney treated her followers to a mini fashion show with five outfit changes, and even its own soundtrack. "Sometimes I have more than 1 #OOTD," she captioned the clip.

You can watch the clip below:

In her first outfit, she wears a one-sleeved white minidress with platform heels. Then she tried out a black crop top and red miniskirt with the addition of a white sunhat, before heading into the more out-there latex minidress and electric blu skirt and striped bodice. After that, we got a yellow halter dress, before finishing off with a red crop top and denim shorts pair-up.

Her partner, Sam Asghari, was clearly a big fan of the video, writing "Killing the fashion game 1 hater at a time" in the comments section. In addition to this, former 'Bachelorette' Kaitlyn Bristowe wrote: "Get it B"... while Britney's fans were all over the post.

"I love how queen Britney isn’t bothered on trends and just sticks to her own style ever since," user francesalexa wrote. "That’s what makes a fashion icon. Take note kids."

Not everyone was enamoured with these looks, however, and others wondered why she was posting the impromptu fashion shoot in the first place. "Throw that blue and pink one away!!!!" donttouchmyhair wrote, while coulsonshelly wrote: "I love you britney spears but your dress sense is shocking 😱 Now you are a mature woman you could dress so much more classy"

While some wondered why she was posting the video, the answer seems pretty clear to me: she had more than one outfit of the day. Simple as.