Caitlyn Jenner's rumoured girlfriend speaks out on their relationship

Caitlyn Jenner's rumoured girlfriend speaks out on their relationship

For roughly a year now, Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins have been joined at the hip. With rumours of cohabitation and marriage swirling, the big question is: is any of it true? Are the 68-year-old Olympian and the 21-year-old Pepperdine University co-ed really dating? Could they actually be preparing to get hitched?

In an interview with Jim Breslo for his podcast, Hidden Truth, Sophia herself recently shot down many of the rumours, stating that, if you ask her, they don't even have a romantic relationship.

When asked when exactly her relationship with Caitlyn became romantic, the transgender model claimed she "wouldn't describe it" as romantic, adding: "I would describe our relationship as we're partners. We're business partners, I'm the executive director of her foundation. We have so much in common, we see the world so similarly and we both are such a good match for each other because we challenge each other."

She continued: "She challenges me in so many ways, had allowed me to grown in so many ways and I hope I challenge her to grow, and I think because we share so many of the same passions and views, it's just a great match, a great partnership."

After confirming that she did live with Caitlyn, Sophia was told by Breslo that it was important to put the issue to bed whether it was "romantic or not".

She replied firmly, stating she did not think it was "that important" and that she believed it was "unfortunate that the media has fixated onto 'is it romantic or is it not'.

"We're partners in everything we do, we inseparable, we're business partners, we live together, we share a dog, we share family, we share a life together, but as far as caving into the media and having one of us label it as something, we're not going to do that," she said.

Despite her tight-lipped responses, her interviewer still pressed harder, enquiring if there was any truth to the marriage rumours.

The 21-year-old replied: "If I was engaged, I would announce that I was engaged. If Caitlyn and I were to be engaged, we would announce it. We're not ashamed of our relationship at all, but we do like to have some privacy and that's something that we would decide when the time was right to announce."

It's not clear how the pair first met, however Caitlyn is rarely seen without Sophia by her side nowadays and a source has claimed that the father-of-six feels "Sophia's the only person she can count on" after losing contact with many of the Kardashians.

The aspiring model previously revealed that it was Caitlyn who inspired her to transition. In 2016, the finance major told her Malibu-based school’s newspaper, the Pepperdine University Graphic, that Caitlyn's transition "made it so much more real for [me], like normal and successful people do this and people are OK when they do it."

She continued: "I’ve always had the question of "Do I want to transition from male to female? I never thought a lot about doing it until I got into college because I was able to break away from my family and started to establish my own identity."

Whatever their relationship, let's hope Caitlyn and Sophia are happy together.