Camila Cabello and her mom hilariously troll paparazzi at airport security

Camila Cabello and her mom hilariously troll paparazzi at airport security

Everybody fantasizes about being famous. No matter where you go, you're swarmed by adoring fans, who praise you, beg for a photo and offer to buy you a drink. Those are nice perks, but in reality, you'd get tired of the attention. Sometimes when you're out in public you want to be anonymous, like if you're on a midnight run to the grocery store in sweatpants and an old T-shirt, looking like a homeless person.

The airport is one of the worst places to get recognized. Everyone's tired from a late night of packing, or stressed out they're not going to make their flight, or irritated their flights been delayed. Unless you've tipped back a few overpriced beers at the bar, you're probably not in a good mood. But since celebrities fly so much, they're often spotted in the terminals, and photographed for the world to see.

A couple weeks ago, Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello was spied going through security at LAX. She originally rose to fame with the girl group Fifth Harmony, which was formed during the second season of the music competition show X-Factor. Now the 21-year-old has established herself as a solo artist, and her eponymous debut album debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. Upon being spotted at the airport, she could have yelled at the paparazzi to go away, or ignored them. But instead, she turned the moment into a hilarious impromptu photoshoot, posing in casual clothes by the security check like she was wearing a glamorous gown on the red carpet.

Now, Camila has been spotted at the airport again, despite an attempt to disguise herself with a long coat and sunglasses.

Since the trail of paparazzi isn't leaving anytime soon, she decides, once again, to have some fun.

While everyone else is prepping their bags for security, looking miserable, Camila strikes a pose. It's time for Sexy Airport Photoshoot, Part Two.

And this time, Camila's mom gets involved, and she's clearly having a blast. I think I've ever been that happy in an airport.

Sure, they'll remove everything in their pockets, just as soon as they're done posing.

Maybe you should try posing like this next time you go through the X-Ray machine.

Well, that's a great way to make the most of an awkward situation. After all, the paparazzi's going to take photos of her anyway, so why not have fun, with it? Maybe airports should play thumping dance music and turn the security check into a runway walk. That would add some much-needed entertainment value.

Other celebrities should take some inspiration from Camila. If they get spotted in an um-glamorous location, like the sidewalk or the grocery store, they should turn it into a ridiculous photoshoot.

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