Cardi B rips off her wig, throws it into the crowd... then begs for it back

Cardi B rips off her wig, throws it into the crowd... then begs for it back

Even if you're not a fan of Cardi B, chances are that you'll have heard of her impressive wig collection.

No stranger to out there performances, the 26-year-old recently hit the headlines for giving her husband Offset a lapdance on stage. Now, she's done it again by throwing off her wig mid-performance.

To see the moment the rapper throws her wig into the crowd, check out the video below: 

The incident took place at the 26-year-old's concert in London yesterday.

However, following the electrifying show, the singer took to Twitter to share the moment she snatched her own wig, whilst also asking the fan to return it: "I GOT CARRIED AWAY .......I want my wig back:/ Dm me."

Credit: Twitter / Cardi B

While the 'Bodak Yellow' singer might be hopeful that she'll get her wig back, depending on the kind of fan who caught it, it's either up for sale on eBay, or, if she's very, very lucky, will be making it's way back to her in the mail as I write. (But let's be honest, would you give it back if you caught it??)

Check out Cardi B heat things up with husband Offset:

This is what Twitter users had to say in response to Cardi wanting her wig back:

Clearly, the singer has no qualms about dressing down on stage. After she recently suffered a wardrobe malfunction and didn't have a suitable replacement outfit to hand, she decided to finish her set in a dressing gown. What a hero.

Cardi B in a grey wig. Credit: Getty

That being said, if she's so attached to her wigs, she should probably think twice before throwing them away in future.